Mr. Aaron is experienced in representing clients in the purchase and sale of homes and condominiums and in real estate litigation. As noted elsewhere, in the purchase and sale context, there is often substantial time pressure for the negotiation and drafting of agreements. Care is taken to see that all deadlines are met and that the client has access to counsel when needed to determine appropriate negotiating positions. The time to begin with legal representation in the purchase and sale context is when an offer is first contemplated. Even a first offer on real estate can be binding, so that care is required to insert all provisions necessary to safeguard the Buyer or Seller as the case may be.


Landowners who find themselves in disputes over boundaries, easements, encroachments, and other matters can find representation here.


Other legal matters - network of lawyers. 
It is inevitable, as with all lawyers, that there will be matters beyond the scope of this law practice. In such a case, Mr. Aaron has cultivated a network of very competent lawyers to whom he can refer clients. These are people with whom Mr. Aaron has worked, usually for several years at least, and whose competence and diligence has been tested.